Summer Camps at the Creative Music

Learning Center

All Camps will be held for 8 days each, June 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, & 29

Learning Music Concepts while Playing Music Games

Each day of this camp, 3 music learning concepts will be taught, reinforced and reviewed through music games.  The games will involve using the different learning styles and the 8 multiple intelligence in the brain, thus providing the success needed to play an instrument.   Camp students meet for 1 ½ hr. each of the 8 days, 16 hrs total, 11:00 – 1:00.  They will have fun, earn small prizes, learn skills in music, and have treats each day.  Tuition:  $180 + $25 Reg and materials fee.  Instructor:  Kate

Rhythm Cups

Rhythm Cup Explorations is taking the music and piano teaching world by storm! We are taking advantage of “the cup craze” by teaching and reinforcing musical rhythms with Rhythm Cup Explorations. Yes, even though the cups craze may have died down, students are so excited about learning brand new rhythm sequences, fun cup techniques, and special challenges.  Each student will have his/her own book of Rhythm Cup Explorations to play from.  In addition, the rhythm songs will be displayed on a large screen and students will have accompaniment music to play along with their rhythm cups.  Students of all ages love this camp!  1 hr each of the 8 days, 9:30-10:30 am.  $130 tuition, $25 reg. and materials fee.  Instructor:  Darlene

Piano Ensemble Camp

Most students come to their piano lesson alone, practice alone and perform alone. Not the most exciting hobby when there are all the team sports and dance groups around is it? So we decided our solution would be Piano ensemble camp!  It allows us to introduce our students to the joys of playing together in duets, trios, quartets, and more at the piano!  Students will attend for 1 hour each of the 8 days of camp where they will learn the challenges and beauty of being able to play the piano together.  10:45 – 11:45 each of the 8 days.  $175 Tuition + $25 reg. and materials fee.  Instructor:  Becca

Beginners Violin Camp

Come join the Creative Music Learning Center this summer for an awesome educational summer camp! This camp is open to beginning violin students of all ages, 4 and up. It is designed to teach new string players the basics of learning the instrument, and reading notes and rhythms in a fun and interactive way. Games and snacks will be provided!  1 hr. each of the 8 days, 12:45 – 1:45 pm.  $220 tuition
+ $25 Reg. and materials fee.  Instructor:  Grace

Chamber Ensemble

 If you have an interest in playing with others and want to gain ensemble experience, this camp is right for you! This camp is open to students of an intermediate-advanced level who are comfortable learning music and playing with other musicians. Chamber players will be coached, helping to develop their intonation, rhythmic, and sight reading skills. Students of all ages will have the opportunity to meet other musicians, receive coaching, and experience music in a variety of different ways! Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass students are welcome to attend.  1 hr. each of 8 days, 2:30-3:30 each day, $250 tuition + $25 reg. & materials fee.  Instructor:  Grace

‘Moana’ Singing Camp

The popular Disney music that came out this past year with lots of beautiful music and has been chosen for our children’s singing camp.  Children ages 5-15 will gather together for 1 ¼  hr. each day to learn songs from this favored movie.  During the camp, there will be time allowed for activities such as “Moana” inspired crafts, treats, decorations, and activity sheets.  The last day of camp there will be a performance and display of pictures, crafts, and activities that have been done during the camp session.  1 1/2 hrs each of the 8 days, 11:15-12:30.  $140 Tuition and $30 reg. and materials fee.  Instructor:  CJ


Beginning Ukulele Camp

Learning to play the Ukulele is a great activity for beginners interested in learning to play an instrument.  It’s easy to learn and portable. You will learn the basic parts of the Ukulele, basic chords and strumming patterns to play some fun and favorite songs.  You may bring your own Ukulele or ask about places to purchase one.  There will be an end of the camp play along during the last day of the Ukulele Camp.  Students will receive bound materials and music.  Fun games will be played to help understand the learning of the Ukulele.  1 hr each of the 8 days, 11:30-12:30 pm.  $150 Tuition + $25 Reg. & Materials Fee.   Instructor:  Abe

Beginning Guitar Camp

Beginning Guitar Camp allows a child who has been wanting to learn the guitar an opportunity of a total of 8 hours learning the basics.  During this time he/she will learn how to hold the guitar, strum the guitar, numbering system for fingers, strings, and frets, how to read a guitar fingering chart, and up to 10 folk songs.  Included in the student binder will be the above information, chord charts for E minor, D, A, G, and C.  Lyrics and Guitar progressions for 10 folk songs, 1 hr. each of the 8 days, 1:00-2:00 pm.  $150 tuition + $25 Reg. and materials fee.  Instructor:  Abe

Intermediate Guitar Camp

This guitar camp is for students who have experience playing the guitar.  Develop mastery in areas that you haven’t quite achieved yet.  Learn to do improvisation, playing along with fellow guitar students, etc.  Materials will be provided.  Each day of camp is 1 hr, 3:00 – 4:00 pm.  $150 tuition + $25 Reg. and materials fee.  Instructor:  Abe


Students need to sign up as soon as possible.  Deadline is June 12th.  Registration fee and registration form must be turned in before students place is reserved on the schedule for any of the camps.  Full payment of camp must be paid one week before the camp begins.  No refunds will be given on the registration fee or after June 12th, unless for some reason the camp would need to be canceled.

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