Darlene Theisen, owner and one of the several instructors at the Creative Music Learning Center has taught students, trained teachers all over the U.S. and set up over 80 studios around the country. She believes in an educational approach where every student is able to learn regardless of their learning style and being creative with each approach. The new location began in July of 2006 incorporating nearly all instruments. It offers convenience for parents who can bring all their children who are in music lessons to one location and generally have them all scheduled at the same time. Most of the teachers at the Creative Learning Center not only have the education and expertise of teaching their chosen instrument(s) but have degrees in Teaching or are finishing their degrees. One of the reasons they have chosen to teach at the Creative Music Learning Center is because of the educational approach where each person will be able to learn. Just because someone plays well does not mean they know how to teach.

We do offer group and/or private instruction. Some students work better in a small group where there is interactive learning and accountabilty to other students. We always recommend what we feel would be best for the student and then of course it is up to the parent or student which direction they prefer to take.